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Autumn Fern

This handsome coppery red selection is brighter red and significantly more dramatic than others in the species. A bold and beautiful choice for dappled sunlight to deeply shaded areas. Leaves mature to deeply cut, dark green. Easy to grow and adaptable to drier soils in cool, shaded locations


Cinnamon Fern

produce two distinctly different types of fronds. Fertile, plume-like, cinnamon colored fronds grow at the center of the plant, giving way to the plants name. They are surrounded by larger, green, sterile fronds. The contrast between the two results in an appealing, multi-dimensional plant.


Korean Rock


Excellent small scale fern for the south. Lush dark green foliage in a dense mounding habit. Plant under shade trees and large shrubs to cover exposed soil. Works well with smaller woodland perennials and in containers.


Christmas Fern

It is adapted to a wide range of conditions, from very dry to moist, and is hardy to Zone 3. The plant’s 1- to 2-foot fronds are dependably evergreen—hence the common name—but they lie flat on the ground through the winter. Few hardy ferns have more beautiful deep, glossy green foliage.


Crested Surf

Japanese Painted


a knockout Japanese Painted fern, was chosen Best in Show at the 2019 Farwest Show. What makes this taller 20–22" fern stand out are the lovely, unusual colors—the pale-green, double-crested fronds contrasting with a stunning lilac stem. Brings welcome texture and color to the shady middle border, and moist shady spots.



Lady Fern

 will light up the shade garden with her pastel, soft lime-green colored new fronds and striking raspberry red midribs. Her unique color and texture contrasts remarkably well with almost any other type of shade plants, especially blue hosta lilies and others with blue, dark green or purple foliage.

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