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Annual Flower that's Deer Resistant .

Vinca, Annual

Catharanthus roseus

Vinca, Annual Plant Features The clear crisp flowers and glossy green leaves of annual vinca are so perfect you may be tempted to rub them to see if they are real. Annual vinca, occasionally called periwinkle, is not related to the perennial ground cover with the same common name. In fact, annual vinca is native to Madagascar and is prized for its nonstop flower show from early summer till fall. Annual vinca is drought tolerant and requires almost no maintenance to keep it looking terrific. Use it en masse in beds and borders or tuck it into mixed containers with other annual flowers. Annual vinca grows 12 to 18 inches tall and comes in pink, purple, red, white, magenta, and bi-colors. The flowers are also attractive to butterflies. Hardy in zone 10. Learn more about picking the best vinca varieties for your yard. Vinca, Annual Growing Instructions Plant annual vinca in a sunny location with well-drained soil. If you are growing annual vinca in containers use a commercial potting mix. Don't pot vinca in regular garden soil because it doesn't drain well and can cause rot issues. Annual vinca is drought tolerant but does best if you water the plants whenever the top inch or so of the soil feels dry to the touch. Take care not to overwater this plant; it's easily susceptible to root rot.  Keep potted vinca blooming well by fertilizing regularly with any general-purpose garden fertilizer. Be sure to follow the directions on the product packaging. If you have good or average soil, you typically don't need to fertilize vinca growing in gardens and landscapes.  Annual vinca doesn't require deadheading, or the removal of faded flowers, to continue blooming, making it a wonderfully low-maintenance annual flower for sun. Some older types of vinca can self seed in the garden, especially in subtropical areas. It can be invasive in certain areas; check local restrictions before planting it.  Annual vinca is not recommended for human or animal consumption.

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