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SallyeAnder Soaps

Just in time for Mother's Day !!❤️

Handmade and trusted since 1982, SallyeAnder Soaps stand above the rest. SallyeAnder only creates products with carefully selected natural ingredients and only pure essential oils. Feel and smell the difference. Hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.

These are a few of Sallye Ander soaps we have here at Eden Farms .

Great gift just in time for Mother's Day


For years our family spent summers in a lakeside cabin in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. It’s a setting we all love and our Lakeshore Soap inspires the same feeling: reflective, tranquil, and calm. It’s a Castile soap, which begins with an olive oil blend. Castile soaps are renowned for their long-lasting property that, when made the SallyeAnder way, hold their fragrance from the first shower to last. The unique blend of essential oils – lemongrass, frankincense, rosewood, vanilla bean, and patchouli – helps your body manufacture collagen, keeping your skin supple and smooth. And the fragrance is unique and evocative. Lakeshore Soap is rich in vitamins C and E and loaded with antioxidants for younger-looking skin! It gently exfoliates dead, dry skin and moisturizes the new skin beneath. Truly luscious and invigorating, it brightens your shower and bath as well as your skin. For dry or irritated skin

Ingredients olive oil blend; lemongrass, frankincense, rosewood, vanilla bean, and patchouli essential oils

A BEAUTIFUL SOAP THAT GENTLY CLEANSES AND HELPS HEAL ACNE, PSORIASIS, AND DERMATITIS. Those of us with troubled skin, or very oily skin, can’t use soap from the grocery store without fear of a breakout. At SallyeAnder, we began our business to help treat a family member’s eczema, so the needs and complications of those with skin issues are never far from our minds. That’s why we created Cedar Soap. We combined our classic olive oil blend – known to provide relief for eczema and psoriasis – with sage balsam, North Atlantic cedar and vetiver essential oils. Why this combination? Because cedar and balsam are also known to help heal psoriasis, acne, and dermatitis. Our Cedar Soap looks beautiful with swirls of gold and red and a memorable sweet woodsy fragrance. Each bar is distinctive and has equal qualities of soothing, cleansing, and helpful healing. Unlike commercial grocery store soap, it doesn’t rob dry skin of moisture. Using its gentle lather, our Cedar soap leaves skin feeling noticeably smoother and less irritated. For oily, acne-prone skin. Ingredients olive oil blend; sage balsam, North Atlantic Cedar and vetiver essential oils


From the moment you hold your first bar of Lavender Moon, you’ll be longing for bath or shime. Divinely fragrant, lavishly swirled with organic lavender essential oil, with organic oatmeal to gently exfoliate it’s a feast for all the senses. Lavender is known for its calming, stress-easing qualities which makes this an ideal bed-time treat whether your prefer a tub or a shower. The lavender scent lingers on you and makes your bathroom smell like a field in Provence. Better still, SallyeAnder Lavender Moon scents the little brown bag it comes in. Pop the bag among your towels and enjoy your Lavender Moon all over again. For sensitive skin.

Ingredients olive oil blend, organic oatmeal; lavender oil and North Atlantic cedar-wood essential.


Lemongrass is a long-stemmed herb that lends its distinctive light, citrusy flavor to Southeast Asian cooking. But it also has notable benefits for the skin on your face and body. It contains vitamins A and C and a healthy dose of minerals to improve the texture and appearance of dry, sensitive skin. In SallyeAnder Lemongrass and Charcoal we create a yummy blend of olive oils with organic blueberries, frankincense, and lemongrass essential oils. The light astringent qualities of lemongrass help to minimize pores, which balances oil levels. Combined with the purifying and detoxifying qualities of charcoal, you have the perfect soap for dry, sensitive or combination skin. The gorgeous fragrance of lemongrass not only makes you smell and feel fantastic, but it also draws people to you while repelling insects! How great is that? The soap’s little brown wrapper will add a lemongrass zing to your linen closet or undie drawer. For dry, sensitive skin

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