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Our doors are open !!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Spring is here and so are we.

According to the state ,we are allowed to be open as a home improvement center . The health of our employees and customers are very important to our business . We are practicing social distancing . What is social distancing Maintaining distance of about 6 feet from others when possible .

We will be posting on our Facebook page new items that are available ,

if you prefer to call ahead for a pick up .

Or phone in orders we are accepting charge cards

Our Store Hours;

Sunday thru Saturday


We have Cedar Mulches ,Dyed Mulches

and Pinebark Nuggets

Here's a list of Composts and Soils

  • Lobster Compost, Platinum Grower Mix

  • Raised Bed Mix Cobscook Garden Soil

  • Soil Sprout Seed Starter Cow Manure Compost

  • Natural HumasTop Soil Composted Manure

  • Mushroom Compost Cow Manure1-1-1

  • Soil Conditioner Milorganite

  • Penn Mulch

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